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     Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are covered by health insurance and I charge a usual and customary fee, but do not bill insurance directly.  Payment is due at the beginning of the session and I can provide to you a statement that you send to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. 

     Something to consider if you decide to file for reimbursement with your insurance is your confidentiality and privacy.  You need to know that the information on the receipt is part of what would be held in strictest confidence, given your rights and privileges of privacy.  If you choose to disclose this information to your insurance carrier, please realize that it is solely your choice to do so, and that disclosures by you to your insurance may compromise your confidentiality and privacy.  

     It is perhaps worthwhile to note that psychoanalysis and psychotherapy can be deducted at tax time as medical expenses if certain conditions apply.  Contact your tax professional for more information. 

     While I do not use "sliding scale" fees, I am happy to speak with you about your unique situation.  I accept cash and credit cards using a contactless or chip reader. 

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